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Our Services in Winnipeg


We do both new and existing residential projects. Of the two different types of residential projects we are best known for the retrofitting and rewiring of homes.  Great care not to damage the home has been our goal over the years and with all of that experience we have become well known for very minimal damage to the walls and ceilings.  Even with all of the effort and care that we put into this type of project we are very often the least costly electrical company out there. This is well before the plaster repairs and painters arrive!!  Many of the realtors in the older districts in Winnipeg recommend us to their clients for that very reason.

Many of our past clients build new homes for themselves and want our knowledge and expertise to help them with their all important new home.
We bring to the project many great ideas to both the interior and exterior of the home.  Careful attention is paid to details throughout the project which include communication systems, lighting systems and their control, floor heating and energy efficiency.

This company has retained many clients for decades and has built much of its business on recommendations from our customers from the past.  We are very proud of this!!


Commercial wiring entails many different types of projects. These would include restaurants, retail, offices, warehouses and churches.  Most of the projects that we get involved in are to existing structures.
Whether it involves very intricate showcase lighting or large service changes our goal is to do it right the first time and to work closely with the client to complete the project with the least amount of interruption to his/her place of business.  Many instances where specialized products are designed or even occasionally manufactured for our customers. We are very comfortable working with designers and architects to help achieve that very special product at the most affordable price possible!!


Our experience in the industrial electrical field goes a very long ways back.  There have been many years of helping owners and engineers develop inventory and production flow in the many different types of manufacturing.  We provide solutions to their many demands that include foreign machinery hook ups, service modifications and changes, computer integration, security, safety systems, machinery repair and installations. Many times our clients check with us before they buy new equipment for recommendations as to which type of equipment will best serve them with respect to their existing electrical system.

As our customers grow we often get involved in providing our electrical services in wiring additions to their existing plants or service them in their plant relocations.  We know that project delays are very costly to our clients and work extremely hard to ensure that things are moving optimally to minimize these types of problems.  If there is something that is unknown we will find the answers quickly through our many different contacts that have been developed in our past 30 plus years of existence!!